"Non si può parlare di integrazione a senso unico - funziona solo a doppio senso"

"La lingua è la finestra che apre le porte"  (Diaby Bassamba - Ausländerbeirat Meran)

The meeting at the town council of Merano was informative and at the same time emotional. On the one hand, it was informative because of the statistics and interesting facts that the vice-mayor of Merano, Dr Giorgio Balzarini gave us. On the other hand, I found the meeting emotional, too. The head counsellor of the citizens that are not within the European Union, called Diaby Bassamba from Senegal, was full of hope. Actually, he was convinced that a better society will be created, if we collaborate with immigrants but also with our parents. Moreover, he is an exemplary immigrant because he speaks Italian with his children, whereas his wife talks to them in their mother tongue. As a result, his children learn the new culture and simultaneously, they don’t forget their roots. (Fjona - 4B Sprachengymnasium)

On Monday, 30th March 2015, the whole group met near the municipality of Meran for one last meeting. We were told about the current situation of immigrants in South Tyrol. Although I had to leave quite early, it was a good possibility to get some information. Credible information always leads to a better understanding - and I understood the problems and obstacles refugees constantly face in our country.

Now we should be ready for our journey to Brussels. I'm looking forward to it! (Niklas - 4B Sprachengymnasium)

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