Staycation: a STAY at home VACATION

In our English lesson we've  recently talked about an increasingly growing trend. Instead of travelling to costly and distant places, you just stay at home and enjoy your holiday there. This trend is called STAYCATION. In times of climate change and economic crisis, a trend which is worthwhile having a closer look at, we found.

A staycation is not just about staying at home. It is a proper vacation that you take at home or nearby, rather than travelling to another place.  You can go on daytrips, explore tourist attractions in your area, such as museums or exhibitions or other places of historical or cultural interest. Other ideas could be to hike in our stunning mountains, go for a picnic or indulge in all the tastes of local or international restaurants. If you feel like listening to another language you might go to an English movie night at the cinema or to the language café. New people could be met at a philosophical cafè or also at a cooking class.

The advantages of a staycation are numerous. You don´t have to stress about taking long leaves from work, you save money, with which you usually pay for your flight, gas, and the hotels. Another advantage is that you get more time to relax and still help the local economy with being a lot more sustainable. And last not least: you get to know YOUR hometown!

We hope we have caught your curiosity and interest. If you want to learn about some of the possible staycations that could be spent in our hometowns, come and see our exhibition on the 3rd floor facing Verdi Street.

Alina Benazzi – Lena Ainhauser (4A/so and 4B/so)