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On tour to Canterbury with David Taylor  - 3. Klassen
Im Rahmen des Schwerpunkts “Rhetorik- Kommunikation-Theater” findet in den 3. Klassen ein Theaterworkshop in Englisch statt. Dieser wird von einem externen Experten geleitet.
David Taylor, Schauspieler und Direktor am Vienna’s English Theatre, hat in den letzten Jahren und auch heuer mit unseren Schülerinnen und Schülern gearbeitet und sie in Geoffrey Chaucers Welt der "Canterbury Tales" entführt. Das szenische Treiben wurde jeweils in einem Video pro Klasse festgehalten.
A mix of students' Voices                                                                                       
The theatre workshop with David Taylor was a great experience for everybody. We did “The Canterbury Tales” with our own interpretation and improvised funny scenes.
At first we were told we would act out different scenes, some funny, some erotic, some serious, some sad. It was interesting to have a go at acting and see how a director works.
I found the theatre workshop really great.
David Taylor is a really incredible actor and brilliant director with a big sense of humour. It was really hilarious. The time was flying. I can’t say anything else but it was fantastic and we would like to a similar workshop again next year.
I’m looking forward to watching the movie :)
It was the best MondayI have ever passed at school.  We also learned a lot speaking only English for 6 hours.
We acted out and filmed two tales: The Wife of Bath’s Tale and The Merchant’s Tale.
I really liked the way how he taught us and gave us advice. I wish we could have another day like that.
The workshop was really helpful for me. I had to listen to lots of English and speak a lot. Besides it was great to listen and speak with a real English man.
I also got a bit more confident in speaking in front of other people.
We were all very happy and surprised about this day and experience.



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